Grafted MuscleMA+2 to Body Type10002D61-75
Muscle and Bone LaceN+2 to Body Type15001D6/21-75
Skin Weave NArmors all areas to SP 1220002D61-75
Lifesaver Skin WeaveNAdvance Death Level once every 4 minutes45001D6/2+1 C1-39
Enhanced AntibodiesNImprove Healing by 1 point per day30001D6/21-75
Toxin BindersNImprove Poison, Drug saves by +430001D6/21-75
NanosureonsNDoubles Healing rate60001D6/21-75
Anti-Plague NanotechN+3 to resist disease or BioHazard agents1750.5C1-39
Nanooptical UpgradeNReduces darkness effects15001D6/2C2-8
Muscle EnhancementN+1 to BT10001D6/34-61
Chem WeaveN+4 to Chemical Saves20001D6+34-61
Thermal WeaveNIncreases Heat resistance to 107_ F15001D6+34-61
Vac WeaveMAStrengthens body aganst decompression50001D64-61
Rad WeaveNProvides radiation protection of 1 RSP15002D64-61
Reflex BoostN+1 to REF35001D6+34-61
Enhanced SenseMImproves one sense similar to a cyberoptic or audio12002 per 4-61
ElderviewMAAllows true vision of supernatural beings, -2 to Awareness rolls 55003D618-5
Nano-GroomersN+2 Personal Grooming400.5C3-26
Endoframe ArmorSCR+3 BOD, +1 H to H damage , 10 point sever, EV +1120002D6+1C3-28
Orbital Endo-frame ArmorSCR+3 BOD, +2 H to H damage, 12 points sever, EV+0250002D6+3C3-28